Global Food Systems in Local Contexts
Understanding Contemporary Food Systems Through Time

Virtual Symposium: 16-19th February 2021

University of Exeter European Centre for Environment and Human Health and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health with the University of the West Indies Caribbean Institute for Health Research

The field of food systems research must be dynamic, inter-disciplinary and innovative to meet challenges such as food sovereignty and security, structural determinants of malnutrition, inequalities in land access, trade, climate change and its effects. This virtual symposium brought together researchers from across disciplinary, social and cultural contexts to discuss the importance of temporal perspectives and historical approaches in meeting the contemporary challenge of making food systems healthy and equitable. We were particularly interested in place-based research which investigates the complexity of food systems through time and consider local contexts within the long history of global processes.

We are pleased to share some selected talks below. (Please note this is a playlist so use the button in the top-right corner of the video window to select from among the eight different talks.)